"Beautifully                          BrokenThings"

 Two Acts 
 Political Drama 
 4 women, 4 men   
 The Kendrick family of Portland, Oregon, are   more than ready for Election Day 2016; like   everyone they know, they’re over the endlessly  chaotic campaigning and just want to move on  to the relative tranquility of the Obama-Clinton transition. With nine days remaining ’til their  candidate is elected, however, the Teflon nature of Trump’s candidacy is starting to make the  poll numbers & pundit predictions ring  frighteningly hollow… 

"only The

  moon howls"

One Act (50 mins)
Romantic Comedy-Drama
3 women, 3 men
How did it get so late so soon? Whitney & Jake have been together through 15 years of ups & downs...and while the clock ticks and an identity-shifting guide enlists us as witnesses to their relationship, we’re ever-mindful that not even the magical realism of theater will allow them to change the ending of their shared story.   
Nominee, Unleashed Award
2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival  

"Memory              Grove"

Two Acts
3 women, 5 men
Four marriages, each as distinctive in its emotional intimacy as in its geographic setting.  Everyday ups & downs reflect escalating challenges as the couples face a potentially destructive, life-altering obstacle: political intrigue in San Francisco; personal betrayal in Providence, RI; conflicting career ambitions in Bozeman, MT; and unfathomable personal loss in Miami Beach.  “...’til death do us part” is more than just a vow, and sometimes love is fatally misplaced.
2012 semifinalist
National Playwrights Conference
Eugene O'Neill Theater Center
2013 finalist
New Works @ The Works
Playhouse on the Square, Memphis

"Hollywood               Perfume"

Two Acts

Dark comedy

4 women, 5 men

Follow the exploits of studio marketing chief extraordinaire Kerry Hynde, a woman desperate to destroy a movie’s box office performance to further her own selfish agenda...but who must first outsmart the minions who are desperate to destroy her. A dark comedy about showbiz greed and corruption, media saturation, closeted skeletons, and a silly little thing called power.


Two Acts 


2 women, 4 men

Twenty-four-year-old Christian has the world in the palm of his hand; recently graduated from Yale University, the frequently-published short fiction writer is about to enter the prestigious Creative Writing MFA program run by his mentor, acclaimed novelist Adam Barnett, when he falls in love with someone he’s known since the day he was born: his father’s best friend, acclaimed novelist Adam Barnett. As the old adage goes, “write what you know”...but what if what you write and what you know yield truths that threaten to tear your family apart?

 2019 Finalist  
 New Works Festival 
 Garry Marshall Theatre, Los Angeles 

"Pearson Design"

Two Acts


2 Women, 2 Men, 1 Gender-Neutral

Drew and Tony Pearson are as close as brothers can be. Partners in an L.A. architectural firm and married to smart, successful women, they seem to have it all. But family is a fragile thing; handled recklessly, it can shatter like a piece of fine china, and not even blood ties can glue the pieces back together.

 2018 semifinalist 
 New Works Festival 
 Garry Marshall Theatre, Los Angeles

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      Perversion No. 3"

One Act (90 mins)


1 Woman, 1 Man


Robbie & Sloan...for 30 years, it's been just them: Robbie the artist, Sloan the brewmaster...and Art Brew, their cozy gallery/tasting room on Pikes Island, Maine. They're happy; they make a living doing what they love, loving what they do. Robbie, the big sister who raised her kid brother when tragedy left them orphans, and Sloan, the young man with only one memory of Mom & Dad to call his own. Now, after all these years, that padlocked door in Robbie's studio is calling Sloan's name...but what if the paintings Robbie's been hiding unlock memories no one should have to live with? As Robbie's biggest influence, artist Mark Rothko, once said, "Silence is so accurate."

"The Blur"

Two Acts


3 Women, 4 Men

What does it mean to have a child, to choose that reality and responsibility? On the flip side, what are the repercussions of skipping parenthood, either willfully or reluctantly? The marriages of siblings Christopher & Beth irrevocably change as Christopher & husband Carl welcome biological twins via surrogate, and Beth’s husband Tanner realizes, on the eve of his 50th birthday, what his wife’s ambivalence toward children has cost him.

 © 2017 

 Dean Farell Bruggeman