Reviews of

 Only the Moon Howls  

 Theatre Unleashed

 North Hollywood, CA 

 February - March, 2016

 "Love, Brevity and the Wisdom of Dr. Seuss" 

 by Dean Farell Bruggeman 

 @THIS STAGE magazine 2/26/16 

 "Only the Moon Howls" 

 Theatre Unleashed 

 North Hollywood, CA 

 February - March, 2016 

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 Interview with 

 Dean Farell Bruggeman & Eric Cire 

Review of

Safe Distance

Road Theatre Company

North Hollywood, CA

November - December, 1995

 November 23, 1995 

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Show and Tell

Group Repertory Theatre North Hollywood, CA

July - September, 1994

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Review of Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde by Moises Kaufman

Eclectic Company Theatre North Hollywood, CA

September - October, 2009

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10th Annual Hurricane Season One-Act Festival

Eclectic Company Theatre North Hollywood, CA

July - August, 2013

 August 1, 2013 

Review of Damien 

8th Annual Hurricane Season One-Act Festival

Eclectic Company Theatre North Hollywood, CA

July, 2011

 July 28, 2011 

 "Eclectic Company Theatre is 

 offering a March 27th 

 admission- free reading of 

 Lagniappe, scripted by Dean 

 Farell Bruggeman, 

 chronicling the dilemma of a 

 young  post-graduate student 

 who finds himself 

 wondering, 'what the hell is 

 stranger than falling in love 

 with your father’s best 


 March 15, 2012 

 "In development, Eclectic 

 Company Theatre is hosting a 

 January 10th rehearsed staged 

 reading of Hollywood Perfume, 

 scripted and helmed by Dean 

 Farell Bruggeman, whose 

 legiters have been produced, 

 workshopped and read at such 

 L.A. area venues as Company of 

 Angels, The Road, The Hudson, 

 Lonny Chapman Group Rep, West 

 Coast Ensemble and Eclectic 

 Company Theatre." 

 December 23, 2010 

 "The Living Room Series (LRS) is 

 The Blank's New Play Development 

 Program. Since its inception in 

 1991, the LRS has been giving 

 writers an opportunity to grow, 

 and stretch their talents in a safe 

 and nurturing environment. 

 Presented nearly every Monday 

 night from Labor Day to Memorial 

 Day, the LRS presents new plays 

 free to the public. These are 

 'workshop' presentations with a 

 short rehearsal process. Upcoming 

 play readings in the series include 

 Memory Grove by Dean Farell 

 Bruggeman (September 19), Flesh 

 and Blood by Andrew Barrett 

 (September 26), Bad Dog by Jennifer 

 Hoppe-House (October 3), and Jersey 

 Shore House by Michael Farrell 

 (October 17)." 

 September 11, 2001 

 From the November 2013 issue of 

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 Dean Farell Bruggeman