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NEWS / 2017-18

 "The April Meeting of the Friends of the Gibsonton Regional Library" - New Play Series @ Itinerant Theatre, Lake Charles, LA  - June 2, 2018

               Bud, Wiser

       by Michael Narkunski 

Directed by Dean Farell Bruggeman



Phil Biedron              Lee Polero

The Undergraduate Theater Society of the University of Washington School of Drama presents Only the Moon Howls and the world premiere of Untitled Perversion No. 3.

March 1 - 11, 2018 at Cabaret Theater in Hutchinson Hall on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

 The ensemble cast of Only the Moon Howls / Photos by Olivia Hagan 

 Alicia Crowley & 

 Willy Picton in 

 Untitled Perversion 

 No. 3 

Photos by Olivia Hagan

Beautifully               Broken


                                a reading


Monday, September 18, 2017
The Hudson Backstage Theatre
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Free Admission
Wine & cheese reception
The Kendrick family of Portland, Oregon are more than ready for Election Day 2016; like everyone they know, they’re over the endlessly chaotic campaigning and just want to move on to the relative tranquility of the Obama-Clinton transition. With nine days remaining ’til their candidate is elected, however, the Teflon nature of Trump’s campaign is starting to make the poll numbers & pundit predictions ring frighteningly hollow…
David Foy Bauer 
Jason Britt 
Paul Coates 
Tara Emerson 
Christina Hart 
Sammi Lappin 
David Mingrino 
Nancy Sullivan
Join us for an evening of narrow paths,  glass ceilings, and historic protests as the new era of daily sociopolitical outrage dawns. But there's hope... because yes we can, and yes we did... and yes we can. 
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New York Daily news 11/9/16
Election Night cake
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The Oregonian 11/9/16
New York Daily News - 1/22/17
New York Daily News 1/23/17
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